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African Home Decor & Crafts in Zambia

Unique, Handmade African Crafts and Home Decor

When visiting the historic Mukuni Village, at the end of your tour, you'll have an opportunity to visit our Curio Shop. Inside you'll find incredible African arts, crafts, fabric and home decor that is unmatched throughout Livingstone, Zambia.  Our art if filled with things that we value and define us such as our love and value for family, marriage, children, African wildlife and the 7th Wonder of the World, Victoria Falls.  No piece is exactly the same, as each piece is individually handcrafted.  You'll be amazed by the incredible detail and workmanship.

Now Buy African Art Online from Mukuni Village in Livingstone, Zambia 

You can also purchase the beautiful African artwork and craftsmanship online.  Check out the latest crafts below.  You can also call, email or fill out a contact form to ask for a specific type of item you are looking for, and we can accommodate you!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where Do You Ship To?

    We can ship to anywhere in the world.  All we need is a valid address that does not have a PO Box.

    How Much Does Shipping Cost?

    Shipping is dependent on 4 things:

    1. The weight  of the items you are shipping.
    2. The size of the items that you wish to ship.
    3. The speed of which you want to receive your order.
    4. Where we are shipping to.

    All shipping rates and options will be provided for your convenience.

    Is My Package Guaranteed to Arrive Safely?

    While no shipping carrier is 100% perfect, we do take extra time to ensure that your African home decor or African crafts has it's best chance to arrive in perfect condition through exceptional packing.  Depending on the location of the final destination of the shipment, you may be able to use an insurance option with your shipping.

    Can I Have a Craft Custom Made?

    We can create a variety of custom African crafts and African home decor.   Please send us an email, call or fill out our contact form, and we will send you back the amount of time it will take to complete your project and the deposit to begin your custom African art. Once your custom order is complete, your order will be shipped upon receipt of final payment. 

    Item Availability

    Please call, email or fill out our contact form to find out if a specific craft is available.  We will respond promptly.

    If I Visit the Village Craft Shop, Can You Ship My Purchases?

    Yes.  One of the least safest ways to ship your souvenirs, African art, crafts and home decor is by bringing it on a plane.  As the original craftsmen, we can safely and securely package your purchases so they have their best chance.  Please let us know during your visit at the curio shop, so that we may accommodate you. 

    Get In Touch

    Give us a call, shoot us an email or stop on by.

    We are open:

    Operating Hours

    • Mon - Sat: Sunrise to Sunset
    • Sun: Sunrise to Sunset, though many attend church
    • Shop Online, Email or Use our Contact Form 24 Hours
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